Learn to Sing Harmony in a Few Simple Steps

Regardless of their genre, many modern songs do have a certain degree of harmonizing in them. These makes them better and even more fun to listen to. If you have fallen in love with harmony singing and would really want to try doing it by yourself, then you need to learn a variety of things. Understand that harmony is capable of making a song worth listening to in the same way that it is capable of making a song not worth listening to. Singing harmony with people who are skilled at it makes a great song, but doing the same with those who aren't good at it can completely destroy a song. Take  a look at this link for more information. 

To learn harmony fast, you need to familiarize yourself with the major and minor scales. A scale refers to a set of 8 successful notes within an octave. They are usually named with letters, from A to G. A major scale has notes following a specific pattern. The minor scale too has its own pattern. You need to learn how these patterns are played since they are used to denote things such as mood in songs. Major scales are normally used when it comes to happy and positive songs. Minor scales, on the other hand, are used in more melancholic tunes.  You can learn how to sing from your diaphragm here. 

After you have learned the simple aspects of singing harmony, you need to get someone that you can train alongside. Your partner in singing should be someone who knows the practice well and can comfortably sing and play an instrument. In order to practice together, one person needs to sing a note while playing an instrument while the other takes it high or low in pitch. This should be repeated throughout the melody until both of you are comfortable with the parts you are singing.

Ear training sessions are essential if you are to learn singing harmony effectively. Not only should you listen to other people singing harmony, but also to the instruments that are being used. Play a note on your instrument and try to set it to the right pitch while listening carefully to the sound. Imagine yourself singing the note on this sound and repeat the process until you are comfortable. 

Alternate between higher and lower notes and perfect your practice in both. There are many software programs for these notes hence they are simply easy to perform. Ask for help when identifying software so that you can end up with what is best for your practice.